SERVICE AUX ENTREPRISES ESTRIE offers a multitude of tailored training, such as:


  • Professional Studies Attestation (PSA)
  • Professional Training Attestation (PTA)
  • Regulated Training (RPA, CCQ, etc.)
  • Customized Training as per Your Needs

Privacy Policy and Links to Third-Party Sites


This privacy policy does not apply to third-party sites accessible via links on our site, and SERVICE AUX ENTREPRISES ESTRIE is not responsible for these third-party sites. When you follow a link to a third-party site, please review their own privacy policies before providing any personal information.

Collection of Personal Information by SERVICE AUX ENTREPRISES ESTRIE


In the course of our activities, we may collect and process various personal information, including:


  • Contact Details: names, addresses, emails, phone numbers;
  • Biographical Information: titles, employers, professional backgrounds, photos, videos, audio;
  • Marketing and Communication Preferences: comments, surveys;
  • Contribution History: billing, financial information;
  • Details of Services Received;
  • Professional Backgrounds, Networks, Affiliations;
  • Recruitment Information: CV, education, background;
  • Website Usage and Technical Data;
  • Information Provided by You or on Behalf of Third Parties;
  • Proofs of Consent.


Please note that we do not knowingly collect data from individuals under the age of 14. If you are a minor, do not send data without parental consent. If you are a parent and your child has provided us with data, please contact us to have it removed.

You Share Your Personal Information With Us in the Following Ways:


  • By registering for events, workshops, conferences, training sessions, newsletters.
  • By participating in fundraising activities.
  • During communication with SERVICE AUX ENTREPRISES ESTRIE, in any form.
  • During our service provisions to you.


Additionally, you may share publicly accessible information, including on our website.

Use of Personal Information by SERVICE AUX ENTREPRISES ESTRIE


We may use your personal information in the following ways, with your consent or according to other legal bases:


  • Providing our services and managing our business, including our contractual obligations.
  • Improving the experience on our website and customizing content.
  • Providing information about our new services and developments, as well as event invitations.
  • Conducting analysis to better understand our clients and improve our services.
  • Processing job applications and evaluating candidates.
  • Meeting our legal, regulatory, or risk management obligations.
  • Preventing fraud and conducting background checks if necessary.
  • Enforcing our legal rights and obligations, protecting the rights of third parties.
  • Ensuring due payments and recovering unpaid payments.
  • In the event of our organization’s reorganization, transferring information to relevant third parties while ensuring data protection.


We are committed to safeguarding the security of your personal information in such situations.

Sharing of Personal Information with SERVICE AUX ENTREPRISES ESTRIE


Your personal information may be shared as follows:


  • Within the entity of SERVICE AUX ENTREPRISES ESTRIE and its associated network.
  • With our employees in the course of professional activities.
  • With third-party service providers for various functions.
  • In response to legal and governmental requirements.
  • For promotion via third-party sites such as Google and Facebook, using cookies to deliver targeted advertisements.
  • During your visit to our site, third parties may use technologies such as cookies to collect information. You can manage these settings in your browser.


Duration of Retention of Personal Information by SERVICE AUX ENTREPRISES ESTRIE


We retain personal information only as long as necessary to achieve the objectives of this Privacy Policy and to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations.

Retention of Personal Information and Data Transfers by SERVICE AUX ENTREPRISES ESTRIE


SERVICE AUX ENTREPRISES ESTRIE uses CRM technologies to manage relationships with clients, suppliers, and partners. Information is also stored in a secure space for legal and fiscal reasons. We do not transfer any data outside of Quebec.

Protection of Personal Information by SERVICE AUX ENTREPRISES ESTRIE


We adhere to rigorous protection standards to secure your personal information, using appropriate physical, technical, and administrative measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, or unlawful use.

While we take precautions, online transmission and electronic storage are not infallible. Therefore, your data transmission is at your own risk. If you suspect a breach, please contact us. In the event of a security incident, we will inform you promptly and take measures to mitigate risks and prevent future similar occurrences.

Rights Regarding Personal Information with SERVICE AUX ENTREPRISES ESTRIE

According to data protection laws, you have certain rights:


  • Access: You can inquire whether we process your information and obtain a copy of it.
  • Accuracy: We maintain the accuracy of your data.
  • Rectification: You can request the correction of inaccurate or incomplete data we hold.
  • Delisting: Request the removal of your data online or links to your data.
  • Anonymization: Request the anonymization of your data rather than its deletion.
  • Be informed of automated decisions concerning you.
  • Be informed about the use of identification, location, or profiling technologies.


You can also file a complaint with the data protection authority of your country of residence. To exercise these rights, please contact us through the provided contact details in the « How to Contact Us » section.


Use of Cookies and Contact with SERVICE AUX ENTREPRISES ESTRIE

To learn more about the use of cookies, please refer to our Cookie Policy included in this Privacy Policy.

Contact Us

For questions, comments, complaints, exercising your rights, or obtaining information about our practices concerning service providers outside Canada, please contact our Privacy Officer, Annie Garon, at :
or call 819-832-4953 extension 4317,
or by mail at the following address:


308 Palmer Street

East Angus, Quebec J0B 1R0


We may modify our websites and our use of cookies without notice, which may result in changes to the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Please check them regularly to stay informed about our practices.

Last Updated: October 19, 2023

Cookie Policy

Consent: By using our website sae-estrie.gouv.qc.ca, you agree to the use of cookies in accordance with this policy. You can withdraw your consent at any time.

Disabling Cookies: If you do not accept cookies, follow the instructions for your browser or use an automatic disabling tool. Please note that some services may not function correctly without cookies.

We may change the cookies used after your initial visit. Please check this policy periodically to stay informed of updates.


The categories of cookies used by SERVICE AUX ENTREPRISES ESTRIE and its providers are detailed below:


  • Strictly Necessary Cookies: These cookies are essential for navigating the site and accessing its features. They ensure basic services such as navigating between pages.
  • Performance Cookies: Analytical cookies are used to understand how visitors use the site, improve the experience, and resolve issues. They do not associate this data with your personal information.
  • Functionality Cookies: These cookies provide features such as remembering your choices (username, language) and improve the experience on the platform used to access the site.
  • Targeting Cookies: Targeting cookies collect data about your browsing habits to better target advertising based on your interests. They are used by third parties, such as Like or Share buttons.
  • IP Addresses and Digital Logs: Your IP address and browser type are used to diagnose problems, administer the site, and improve service. This data is anonymous and does not allow your identity to be established.
  • Invisible Pixels: Our emails contain an invisible pixel to track openings and clicks on links. This information helps improve our communications. You can choose not to click on the links to avoid tracking.

Note: This cookie policy does not cover the privacy practices of linked third-party sites.

Policy for the Retention and Destruction of Records by SERVICE AUX ENTREPRISES ESTRIE

Purpose: This policy defines the procedures for closing, retaining, and destroying client records at SERVICE AUX ENTREPRISES ESTRIE.


  • Record Closure Date: The date when the record is considered complete and ready for destruction.
  • Record Destruction Date: The date from which the record is destroyed.

Review and Closure of the Record:

  • A responsible person is designated to implement this policy; otherwise, the General Management is responsible.
  • The record manager sets the date for closing and destroying the record.
  • Client records are destroyed after 15 years since the last mandate.
  • Before closure, paper copies of electronic documents are removed.

Retention of Closed Records:

  • Closed records are kept to manage risk and meet legal requirements.

Destruction of Records:

  • Records are destroyed according to the organization’s standards or another date if necessary.
  • The destruction date may be suspended in case of claims, disclosure requests, audits, or investigations.
  • The destruction date may be postponed in the case of new consent.
  • The policy ensures the confidentiality of personal data and complies with applicable laws.
  • A register of destroyed records is maintained.

Record Storage:

  • Undestroyed records are stored physically or electronically.
  • Electronic records include emails, documents, images, metadata, etc.
  • This policy ensures responsible management of client records while respecting confidentiality and legal compliance.

Complaint Handling Policy by SERVICE AUX ENTREPRISES ESTRIE:

Purpose: This policy ensures an effective and consistent handling of complaints related to personal information. It applies to anyone dissatisfied with the handling of their data at SERVICE AUX ENTREPRISES ESTRIE.


The complaint handling policy aims to establish a fair and transparent procedure for managing complaints at SERVICE AUX ENTREPRISES ESTRIE. It supports service quality and provides an avenue for expressing dissatisfaction.

Responsible Person: Ms. Annie Garon, Secretary-General, responsible for communications and personal information protection, is responsible for implementing the policy. She ensures staff training and consistency in its application.


  • Any complaint related to dissatisfaction with SERVICE AUX ENTREPRISES ESTRIE can be filed.
  • A complaint includes at least one of the following elements:
  • Dissatisfaction with SERVICE AUX ENTREPRISES ESTRIE.
  • Harm related to the services of SERVICE AUX ENTREPRISES ESTRIE.
  • Request for corrective action.
  • An anonymous complaint is not processed.
  • Any complaint is treated confidentially.
  • Any received complaint is forwarded to the responsible person.
  • An acknowledgment of receipt is sent within 5 business days.
  • The acknowledgment of receipt includes a description of the complaint, the contact details of the responsible person, and instructions in case of an incomplete complaint.

Complaint File

Each complaint generates a separate file. The file includes the written complaint, the analysis, the final response.

Handling of the Complaint:

  • The handling begins within 5 business days of receipt.
  • The handling must be completed within 30 days of receiving all necessary information.
  • If processing is delayed, the complainant is informed of the reasons and the expected timeframe.

Effective Date

The policy comes into effect on October 19, 2023.

For questions about the complaint handling, please contact the responsible person directly:

Ms. Annie Garon

Responsible for Personal Information Protection

308 Palmer Street East Angus, Quebec J0B 1R0






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