The continuous training – Trauma approach is a section that firefighters very much appreciate. It is a complement to the mandatory First Aid training (16 hours). In this segment, the trainer provides tools to firefighters to act as soon as they arrive on the scene and save more lives!


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Training content

  • Apply protection and use an adequate cervical collar
  • Perform a proper swift descent
  • Apply the helmet removal protocol
  • Describe the steps of immobilization (immobilizing mattresses - a backboard)
  • Describe the steps to install a KED
  • Describe the steps for rapid exit
  • Describe the protocols (Pediatric Spinal Protection and Extremity Immobilization)
  • Differentiate the steps of the pre-hospital clinical approach to trauma
  • Understand the physiologies associated with injuries (spinal cord, head, chest, abdomen and pelvis)
Type of training : AF - Participation
Duration : 4 Hours
Dates : Customized
Schedule :
  • Customized
Price :
  • Customized
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