Formation Leadership  for  Psychological Safety – Chris Gill

Psychological safety describes a level of respect and trust which is essential for a team to work well together.  In psychologically safe teams members feel accepted, respected and safe to take interpersonal risks.  When teams are not psychologically safe people often fear being judged, ostracized or punished. Despite how simple this sounds, it is actually not very easy to establish and maintain in a work environment.

Contenu de la formation

  • This course is to help organizational leaders to understand psychological safety in a very comprehensive manner.
  • It is also to provide a framework for leadership and tools to use so that leaders can ensure the psychological safety of each work team.
  • Ultimately the goal is to help more people find a healthy, engaging and enjoyable place to work where people thrive!
  • By Chris Gill, teacher, researcher & consultant
Type de formation : AF - Participation
Durée : 3 hours
Dates : Several dates available, see below
Horaire :
  • January, 12 - 9 AM to 12 PM
  • January, 27 - 6 PM to 9 PM
Coût :
  • 75 $ + Taxes
Lieu : Présentiel
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